‘The Royals’ Recap: Jasper Finds Out Who Shot Him & You’ll Never Believe Who It Is

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Who shot Jasper?! That question was revealed and more during the April 15 episode of ‘The Royals!’ Plus, did Willow accept Robert’s proposal?

You know when this royal family sits down to have a dinner together, things are going to go awry. Well, that’s exactly what happens at Helena’s birthday dinner. Just when Helena is about to drench Robert in red wine, Liam breaks the fourth wall and backs up a few hours. Helena wakes up on her birthday in bed with a very naked Sebastian. After a brief talk with her mom, Helena tells Sebastian that a hookup can’t happen again. She can’t be sleeping with ANOTHER one of her daughter’s friends.

Willow has given Robert’s proposal a big fat maybe. He knows it was very sudden, but it felt right. He wants her to take some time to think about it. He’ll wait for her. If this is the real Robert, I like him. Willow gives Helena a sweet birthday gift. Helena opens up to Willow as she contemplates her queendom coming to an end. Helena asks Willow if she’s mattered, if she’s made a difference. Willow believes so. When Willow asks Helena whether or not she’d do it all over again, Helena gives her a resounding yes.

Jasper and Eleanor are having some fun in bed together when Robert interrupts them. Ugh. Don’t interfere with quality Jaspenor time, Robert! Jasper then heads to talk to his dad and tells him to GTFO out.

Robert invites Sebastian to the party to make Jasper squirm. Eleanor knows Rorbert’s done this to sabotage them. Helena’s not exactly thrilled to see Sebastian either. Liam brings Kathryrn to dinner, so that takes things to an even more awkward level. But there’s a special guest who makes Helena’s day — Prince Hansel (a.k.a. Elizabeth Hurley’s real-life son!)

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Everyone gets in digs at each other over a 5-star meal. I don’t expect anything less from the royal family. Jasper’s dad, acting as the Count Bellagio, says some sweet words to his son to try and get through to him. “I love him very much,” Jasper’s dad adds.

Eventually, the disses continue and we’re back where we started. Helena throws her wine at Robert. In retaliation, he announces that he’s marrying Willow. She’s got a huge rock on her finger. “God save the queen,” he says before walking away. Needless to say, dinner is over.

Jasper confronts his dad after dinner. His dad promises that he meant what he said at dinner. Jasper opens up about getting shot. He believes Robert tried to kill him. But Jasper’s dad knows exactly who shot his son: HE DID! Jasper’s dad claims to have shot his son to help him out. Everything’s worked out in his favor since, and he’s not wrong. Jasper is shocked beyond belief, as he should be. The bullet missed his heart by an inch!

When everyone reconvenes for dinner, Helena toasts to Willow and welcomes her to the family. Liam makes a toast. He apologizes to the whole family for what he’s done.

Kathryn and Liam share a steamy kiss before she leaves. Robert stops Kathryn and apologizes for the nasty things he said to her in the past. Sebastian sneaks into Helena’s room. She refuses him at first, but these two can’t keep their hands off each other. Later, the Grand Duchess finds Helena handcuffed to the bedpost in VERY sexy lingerie.

Before he heads out, Jasper’s dad pays Robert a visit. They’ve worked together before. Jasper’s dad is the one who sold Jasper and Eleanor’s story to Miss Day. He threatens to expose Robert if he doesn’t make things better for Jasper. Robert complies with the Jasper’s dad’s demands and makes Jasper a knight!

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Jasper reveals to Eleanor that his father shot him. Eleanor confesses that she’s been sneaking out and giving things away. She is England’s Robin Hood. All is well in Jaspenor’s world. “I’m always going to worry about you because I love you,” Jasper says to Len. SWOON!

Cassandra shows up half-naked in Robert’s room. He politely tells her to leave, but she’s got to twist the knife in a little bit because of her jealousy. She can read Robert like a book. She implies that Willow is the one playing with his heart. “She doesn’t love you,” Cassandra says, before insinuating that Willow loves Liam! Cassandra knows that Robert is going to call her soon, and she’ll be waiting.

Meanwhile, Cyrus is not handling exile life very well. How long before he’s needed back at the palace? Helena is going to get really bored when she’s no longer queen. Despite not wanting to wave to the commoners on her birthday, she comes around to the idea and takes her final bow like the true queen she is.

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