‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Recap: Jade Breaks Up With Sean After He Quits His Job

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Rough stuff. Just days after Sean quit his job to help Jade raise their baby, the ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ star pretty much dumped him. Find out why!

Sean‘s week went from bad to worse during the April 16 episode of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, when Jade decided she no longer wanted to put any effort into saving their relationship. As you’ll recall, Sean told Ashley he had quit his job during last week’s episode, all because he wanted to be home and help her raise the baby. She wasn’t too thrilled with his decision, as she feared they’d have a tough time paying their bills, but all seemed to be okay. That is until this week, when Jade started suspecting Sean had lied about the entire situation. Sean told her he put his two weeks notice in, but when he never returned to work, she suspected he had gotten fired. When she confronted him about it, he freaked out and got super defensive. In turn, she grabbed their baby and bolted to her best friend’s house. But she had to return home the next day, when her mom got kicked out of her own place and need somewhere to stay. Upon Jade’s return home, she told Sean that she no longer wanted to save their relationship, so he ran into the bathroom, slammed the door and started crying. Eek.

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Meanwhile, Ashley went into labor almost immediately upon returning home from her vacation with Bar. And while she had hoped for a quick delivery of their baby girl, Ashley got exactly the opposite. After 30+ hours of being in labor, the doctors insisted she delivery the baby via C-section. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, but Ashley eventually gave birth a beautiful baby girl named Holly. And for once, Ashley and Bar did not fight — neither did their moms. Seriously, it was like a breath of fresh air. We must note, however, that Bar’s mom wasn’t able to make it to the hospital, so that may have been why everyone got along.

In other birthing news, Lexi also delivered a baby this week — a boy she named Tobias. Kyler didn’t like the name, but somehow Lexi managed to get her way. Even after they pulled a bunch of names from a hat and Tobias was eliminated during an early round of the game. Oh well. At least she delivered a healthy baby and Kyler was there for the birth.

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Kayla‘s the only girl who hasn’t given birth yet, but maybe that’s a good thing because she couldn’t get a hold of Stephan at all this week. She called and texted him multiple times, but he just kept ignoring her. Kayla’s mom suggested they move forward with a birthing plan that doesn’t involve him, and she seems to be okay with that. But it doesn’t mean she wasn’t irritated either.

Finally, Danae and Brianna just kept fighting this week. First, it was over laundry, and then it was over who has more rights to the baby. These two are so dysfunctional that we’d be surprised to see them still together when Season 2 rolls around. Especially after Brianna’s mom discovers that all they do is fight with each other while living under her roof. That’s. Not. Going. To. Fly.

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