Best Way How to Delete Instagram Account in 2021

How to Delete Instagram: If you have tired to delete Instagram account. You can delete an Instagram account if you are no longer going to use that user because it was from a company or for online sales and you have gotten tired, for example, or simply if you have decided to switch to another more modern social network or with other options such as TikTok. Either way, you can delete all the content in it if you don’t want it to be there.

Keep in mind that you can delete your Instagram account, whatever the reasons you have, but that there is no option to recover it if you regret it. You will lose all the images, videos, featured stories or followers that you have and if you decide to start over again you will do it from scratch completely, with nothing added.

How to Delete Instagram

Therefore, we propose two options: you can temporarily deactivate your Instagram account or you can delete Instagram account permanently. The difference between the two is that if you temporarily deactivate it, nothing will be deleted. You can disappear for a while if you want to take a vacation but when you come back everything will remain as it was. If you delete it, the content you have is deleted and not only your photographs but also likes that you have given, comments.

How to Delete an Instagram Account

If you want to leave Instagram for a while, the best way to do it is how to delete Instagram. Whatever the reason you have but you do not want to access or you think you spend too much time using the app. In that case, just uninstall and thus avoid “temptations.” Everything will continue as it was, your friends and contacts will be able to continue seeing previous publications and you will be able to return whenever you want. This will not imply any change in the account except that you will not have continuous access from your mobile. In addition, you can always open Instagram from the browser if you want to consult something specific. You will not completely renounce your profile but you will not always have it at hand. It is not the most useful option to “disappear” because your account will still be visible. But yes to stop using the app yourself.

How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

You can temporarily deactivate your account on Instagram and everything on it will be hidden. No one will be able to find you temporarily in the application and your uploaded images and videos and your account will have disappeared, but also the likes or comments that you have put to other people. In that time you will be invisible. But the advantage is that it will not disappear forever, it will be enough that you use your password to return. You can disable it for a time with the right to repent. If you never want to come back, just don’t log in.

To temporarily disable or deactivate you will not be able to do it from your mobile phone in the official app, but you will have to do it from the browser, on the phone or the computer.

  • Go to the Instagram website from the browser
  • Log in with your Instagram username and password
  • Tap on your profile picture in the upper right
  • Go to the Profile section and tap on Edit Profile
  • At the bottom of the page you will see: Temporarily deactivate my account
  • Click on it to continue with the process
  • You will see a drop-down menu with reasons why you disable it
  • Choose the option you want
  • Confirm with your password, one more time
  • Touch and confirm with “Temporarily disable the account”

Once you want to return, you will simply have to log in to the app as usual. Keep in mind that in the first hours after deactivating it, it may give you an error, so we advise you not to deactivate it if you want to re-enter in less than 24 hours because it will not always work.

How to Delete Instagram Account

If you’ve decided to delete it forever, you can. Please note that you will not be able to re-register with the same username nor will you be able to use it when using another account. Also that everything you have will be deleted so save your stories before making this decision because everything will disappear.

Once you have decided, you will need a browser to do it because the Instagram application will not allow you to carry out the process. The steps are the following:

  • Go to the specific page to delete the Instagram account
  • Login with your username and password
  • Choose from the drop-down menu the reason you have to delete it
  • Confirm with “Permanently delete account”

Once you do this you won’t be able to go back. For 30 days it may take Instagram to delete all the information. After those 30 days, your account, your information will be permanently deleted, although it may, according to the company itself, take up to 90 days from the beginning of the process until you disappear completely. But it will not be accessible to anyone in those 90 days but you will no longer be visible from the moment you follow these steps.

How to Delete Instagram Account Private And Block Comments

If you want how to delete instagram account because someone is bothering you, you don’t have to, there are privacy and security filters in the photography application that will allow you to keep trolls away and not bother you. You can block comments, make your account private or even report users who are disrespecting you or insulting you publicly or privately in the app.

To block someone on Instagram, follow a few simple steps:

  • Use the magnifying glass to find the person
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Choose to “Block”
  • He will not see anything of you nor will he be able to write or comment to you

To report you will have to follow the same steps as before: just go to that person’s profile, touch the three dots in the upper right corner and choose Report … Instagram will give you a series of reasons such as violence, nudity, harassment, suicide. Choose the one that you consider to be in breach and tap on “Send complaint”.

You can also make it stop following you if you have a private account. You can continue to see what he puts but that person will not see your content or write to you.

  • Open the app
  • Click on your profile photo in the lower right corner
  • Go to Privacy and Account Privacy
  • Tap on Private Account and mark your profile as restricted
  • See your followers
  • Find the person you want to remove
  • Tap on the Delete button next to their name
  • Will stop seeing your stories and posts in the feed

How to Block Comments on Instragram

If you do not want anyone to write to you, you can block offensive comments or directly not allow anyone to comment on your photos and videos.

  • Go to Instagram settings
  • Open the Privacy section and from there go to Interactions
  • Choose Comments
  • You will see that there are three options available
  • Block comments from
  • Hide offensive comments
  • Manual filter

From here you can block comments from a person or several people without them knowing (they will continue to see what they have written), you can hide offensive comments that Instagram considers inappropriate or you can use a manual filter that blocks certain words so that no one can use them at once. comment you.

How To Fix Instagram Ban

The reverse operation and, for many the fairest, when someone considers deleting their account due to the harassment of other users is for Instagram to act ex officio by banning user accounts that violate community regulations.

First Notice of Violation

What is intended is that Instagram is a safe space in which everyone feels supported and supported. Instagram removes the accounts of users who commit violations in a specific percentage of all their actions and also when several violations are committed in a short space of time. In addition to achieving a safe space for coexistence, we want each user to be consistent and assume responsibility for their actions.

In order not to give a totalitarian air on the part of the community, Instagram notifies the offender that a published content has been removed and explains the reasons. The goal is for every violation of Instagram’s community rules to be an opportunity for the offender. An opportunity to find out why such posts or comments are considered an infringement so that they are not repeated.

How to Delete Instagram

Once the user who has committed an infraction of the community rules of Instagram has been warned with the notification of the same of the possible future consequences, everything remains in the hands of the user. If it does not repeat itself, at least in a short period of time, it is likely that the infraction will remain in the elimination of the content and will not have a major impact. In any case, they will always have the option to appeal the decision made by Instagram in the beginning.

However, in the event that the user who has been warned relapses and commits new offenses, Instagram has various tools to stop this type of behavior depending on the frequency and severity of the offenses. Even if an account is totally or partially deleted, including its publications and messages, the user will always be duly informed of the reasons that have led the organization to make that decision.

End Liner

As we said before, there is the possibility of appealing to Instagram any decision regarding infractions of community rules. While it is true that when we appeal against the decision to remove content or delete an account for violations related to nudity, bullying, harassment, hate speech, drug sales or terrorism, it is difficult for us to reverse the disqualification process.

While it is true, it can occasionally happen that the automated violation analysis protocol fails. In the case of an error, when we make the appeal request (available in the warning sent by Instagram itself) we must indicate that it is an error and that these accusations are false. At that time, and in a short period of time, Instagram undertakes to study the resource requested by the user and return the deleted content as well as the entire account to its owner.

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