How To Create a Facebook Account Without Giving Your Contact Information

There are many scandals around privacy or the leakage of user data from all kinds of applications, including social networks. Mark Zuckerberg himself was implicated in the Cambridge Analytica scandal over various security flaws on Facebook. After all this, it is still possible to create a profile on the social network without having to enter our phone number or email, although with limitations.

How To Create a Facebook Account

The aforementioned Cambridge Analytica case put the Facebook owner on the ropes. In fact, Zuckerberg had to attend the United States Senate to answer several questions about the leakage and use of the personal data of thousands of users of his social network to influence the intention to vote in the North American elections, taking over the management of the profiles without their users being aware of it.

These events have increased the security and privacy of the profiles of the famous social network and we need to verify our identity at all times. This problem is not exclusive to Facebook, many other social networks have suffered data leaks and passwords of their users. Despite everything, it is still possible to create a profile in which we do not have to add either the phone number or our email.

What We Must Keep in Mind

If we want to create a new account on Facebook, we only need to enter the email or phone number to verify our identity, it is not necessary to have to indicate both data. This is why, in order to avoid having to enter our usual contact details, we can create a specific new email account to create a profile on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network and we will keep our privacy safe. We can also use a different mobile phone line than ours, but hiring an additional line is more expensive in time and money.

The best option to create a Facebook profile without having to indicate our email or phone number is by creating a test account on the social network. In this way we can do the necessary tests that we consider. If the intention is to impersonate another person to contact other profiles anonymously or send messages and comments without revealing our identity, it is probably not possible due to the limitations of these types of accounts and the security filters themselves and privacy applied by Facebook to protect ” real “users.

What is a Trial Account

The Facebook test profile allows its users to register with a different profile, without the need to enter any type of personal data. The goal is to allow the option to use the account to check for security vulnerabilities. If you doubt about the reliability of third-party applications on the social network or need to test the security of your profile, this may be a good idea.

In case you cannot generate the environments you need to do your security tests, you will need to use your real profile. The creation of test identities belongs to the Bug Bounty Program developed by the social network itself. This program allows you to send information about vulnerabilities and security problems found on Facebook, offering rewards and academic training.


The test profiles are intended to test security vulnerabilities and not to use false identities to interact with other users or pages of the social network. That is why these types of profiles present some limitations and specific characteristics that we should be clear about:

  • They will never be able to interact with real accounts, only with other test identities.
  • They are not subject to the Facebook fake account detection program.
  • They will not be blocked by the anti-spam filters of the social network.
  • They will not be able to click the Like button or any other link that shows emotion about Network Pages posts.
  • They cannot post content on the walls of other Facebook pages.
  • They can never be converted to real accounts.

Because these profiles have a specific and specific purpose, Facebook will also not allow you to change the identity of the test profile by entering another name to avoid identity theft. Yes, you can add your own profile photo, your description, likes, interests, etc.

Other Applications of The Bug Bounty Program

The ability to detect security vulnerabilities through test profiling is only part of the program. We can also visit other sections such as:

Thank you: section that appreciates responsible disclosure to users of the social network.

Hacker Plus Program: program that encourages anyone who discovers security vulnerabilities with rewards in the form of bonuses for the App, attendance at events with all expenses paid, access to news and new applications before other users and much more.

Education and Payment Rules: Information about the rewards program and the payments that are made as incentives.

Report Vulnerability Form: if you have discovered a security problem or vulnerability, you must fill out this form.

Researcher Profile: this is your profile within the Bug Bounty Program where the history of reported vulnerabilities appears.

FBDL: this is the guide to know how to reproduce different types of actions and events that will allow you to discover security vulnerabilities in case there are any.

Manage test account: for you to change the password or create new test profiles.

How to Create A Trial Account

The first thing we must take into consideration is that we will have connected with our usual social network profile to be able to access the test account manager. Once connected with our profile, we will follow these steps to create a Facebook profile without email or phone number:

We entered the Bug Bpunty Program test account manager.

In the left side menu we will click on Manage test accounts.

At the top we will click on the Create new account button (this step is only possible from the web browser on the desktop version).

We will wait a few seconds and a pop-up window will appear with all the data of the new test configuration: name and surname, identifier of the test user, email and password (we write down the contact information).

Final Word

In this way, we will return to the test profile manager where the new profile that we have created will appear. In order to use this new test profile we have to close the open session with our real profile and access with the email and password that the social network has provided us to access the new profile.

If we have not entered this data or if we want to establish a different password, we can go to the test account manager and click on the Change password button. This will reopen the pop-up window with the profile data and a new random password generated by the application. If we access the Configuration menu of the test account that we have created, accessing with the new email and the new password, we will see how the options are more limited than in the real profiles.

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